Your complete and effective solution to take control of infection outbreaks in the most safe, easy and efficient way possible.

The disposable TouchPoint Isolation Cleaning kit is part of the complete IMS system and has been developed by worlds specialists in infection control to bring higher levels of safety and protection for patients, workers and visitors to any facility.  This program in designed to REMOVE the maximum amount of germs or bioburden from a surface before DESTROYING and residual germs with the appropriate disinfectant.
The kit includes a selection of products designed to be used in a systematic process. Using the program not only reduces touchpoint bioburden, allowing for better disinfection but all products in the range are disposable, further reducing potential for cross-contamination.

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We look forward to helping you save lives in your facility by reducing HAI’s

  • Disposable Microfibre made to capture maximum amounts of bioburden
  • 1000PPM Chlorine tabs and wipes superior in both storage life and in-use capacity
  • No Dangerous vapours or strong odours to irritate staff, visitors or room occupants
  • Continues to work in the presence of dirts/cloths/organic matter
  • Eliminates ‘measure & pour’ guess work with easy to deliver systems

Product Summary

Why use Disposable?

When it comes to infectious or isolation cleaning where a much higher level of sanitisation is required, it is crucial that cleaning and the disinfection process are effective and do not contribute to cross-contamination. We need to make it easy for ANYONE in a facility to wipe touchpoint or clean up after a spill in a safe, easy, efficient and effective manner.

This is why we have developed a DISPOSABLE disinfection program that facilitates efficient disinfection in a disposable cloth and wipe system where issues of laundering and microfibre re-use are eliminated.

The role of the cleaner in a healthcare facility is to prevent infection by cleaning the environment, and until we have a clean environment, we are going to continue losing patients to hospital acquired infections.

It’s time to start using safer, easier, more efficient, and more effective ways to clean to infectious control standards.

What’s included in a Disposable Kit?
Your Disinfection TouchPoint Isolation Cleaning kit includes a range of products, designed to be used together to obtain the highest possible infection control.
Having a kit onsite allows for instant disinfection by:
1. High quality Disposable Microfibre Cloths for initial cleaning
2. Disposable Hospital Grade Disinfection Wipes to apply disinfectant
3. 1000ppm Chlorine Disinfection Isolation Wipes for disinfecting touchpoints or Chloreside Tabs to make your own measured Chlorine solution.
4. Disposable Micro Mops to use with either neutral cleaner or Chloreside solution.
What do I save?

Using TouchPoint ready-to-use wipes, you can cut down on time, processes and inventory because you will not need two to three sets of microfibre, buckets and other cleaning equipment.

TouchPoint Disposable Disinfection Process