MyClean 360

Would your staff be more productive if they knew what to clean today?

This revolutionary new app has been designed by some of Australia’s leading Health and Aged Care Cleaning Managers to make your cleaning management the easiest it’s ever been.

Created intentionally to include functions such as

  • scheduling
  • real-time supervision
  • resource management
  • training
  • capturing of extra cleaning tasks

Can you imagine knowing where your cleaners are and what they’re doing?

Can you imagine having a run sheet on each cleaner trolley that is dynamically accurate to today’s cleaning schedule?

MyClean 360 puts cleaning intelligence right into the hands of those needing to make decisions and delivers results to your cleaning goals.

Product Summary

System Set Up

The MyClean 360 system has been created to adapt to your facility.  The system is simple to setup and even easier to use.

• Use a drag and drop feature to quickly set up your facility sections, areas and cleaner’s run sheets
• Schedule complete sections with full week view
• Cleaning instructions including pics and video can be built behind each task
• Audit action items appear directly onto correct run sheet allowing instant rectification and closed loop management
Easy to use
Simply press start, clean your room and press finish!  It’s that easy for the cleaner.
  • Cleaner has run sheet with clean types allocated for today’s clean
  • Ability to change clean type if a service clean or other type of clean is more appropriate based on today’s challenges
  • Checklist on right hand side allows checking of tasks before FINISH sign off
  • Extra Tasks can be recorded if facility staff request extra services
Customisation Feature

Exclusive to MyClean 360 is the ability to have the APP customised to your facility.  You may want your own system developed under your own label.  Interclean is here to assist you and revolutionise your cleaning management and systems.

Contact us for further information.