Daily schedules on cleaners iPads will allow your staff to follow a cleaning plan that is allocated fairly across your staff.

With a iClean digital cleaning system your staff will know exactly where they should be and what they should be doing. Any extra tasks allocated to them will be recorded so that you know exactly what you are delivering to your facility or customer.

Our microfibre system will allow your staff to clean every area with a clean, properly moistened microfibre cloth or mop allowing for maximum removal of dirt and germs from your surfaces.

This process when scheduled correctly allows us to save lives by reducing healthcare acquired infections.

Easy to use:

  • Cleaner has run sheet with clean types allocated for today’s clean
  • Ability to change clean type if a service clean or other type of clean is more appropriate based on today’s challenges
  • Checklist on right hand side allows checking of tasks before FINISH sign off
  • Extra Tasks can be recorded if facility staff request extra services

Key Features:

  • Real time daily run sheet
  • Clearly shows clean type
  • Capture extra tasks
  • Record cleaner identified issues
  • Include training info and videos
  • Available on smart watches