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“We understand that 50% of your problem is choosing which equipment to use and the other 50% is finding the money to purchase it. We have tried to solve 100% of your challenges with this solution. The IMS system has been designed specifically to keep a healthcare facility clean, with a focus on all areas being cleaned on a daily basis.  It is achievable with our innovative complete Microfibre Trolley system!”, Bill Bassett, MD Interclean Pty Ltd.

Each trolley holds enough clean microfibre to clean each area with a separate mop or cloth, ensuring that used mops or cloths are not used in more than one area.

  • Each system is built to reduce cross-contamination
  • Reaching and bending tasks are minimised
  • Tasks are cleaned in a specific sequence further reducing cross-contamination

Product Summary

System Summary

At Interclean, we understand that it takes time to create the best cleaning system for your facility. With over 90% of your cleaning costs being labour related, by introducing smart technology and our IMS systems, we can provide the tools, the training and real-time tracking benefits of an all in one integrated system at a price that’s affordable

We have introduced the Fully Managed Microfibre Solution on a rental basis allowing you to reap the benefits of a more productive system without the large initial outlay of capital.

Our microfibre is colour coded allowing for:

  • Blue for ward and general areas
  • Red for bathroom and toilet areas
  • Green for kitchen and dining areas
  • Yellow for areas requiring infectious cleans
  • White for theatre areas
  • Purple for cytotoxic cleans
More Info
Each IMS Trolley is set up to clean a specific number of rooms.
With the right system, the right microfibre and the right amount of training and ongoing help, you will be able to create an easier, safer, faster, and more productive system delivering higher levels of cleaning & hygiene at a lower total cost.
  • More productive system means better standards can be achieved
  • Action change in your facility quickly with low upfront costs
  • Includes initial and ongoing training
  • enhances cash flow
  • Includes paperless audit and web console dashboard
  • 100% product warranty

The unique IMS Trolley system ensures all chemicals, cloths and consumables are stored under lockable sections and doors, and a new cloth and mop are available for each area. Two 20L buckets on the front will hold all your general floor and washroom mops. Used microfibre and rubbish are stored at the rear of the trolley and are easily emptied via a rear door.