Discover the first step in real time Cleaning Management

Look, Learn, Teach and Improve.
Healthcare Cleaning Managers want to know what’s going on in their facility and are always interested in continuous improvement.
They value a transparent, fast, easy to use auditing App that allows them to spend more time improving outcomes for their facility and team.
By using Touchpoint Auditor, managers can acknowledge those staff doing well and help manage those requiring further improvement.

Set up your audits to help you measure

  • Cleaning standards
  • WH&S compliance
  • Cleaners room and equipment upkeep
  • Adherence to training
  • Staff feedback
  • Maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Any other area you wish to check and measure on an ongoing basis

Product Summary

Simple to Set Up
The closer we move auditing to the operational level, the faster your staff will take responsibility and become part of the solution.
The TouchPoint Auditor is so easy to use and your staff will be able to implement the App into their daily work-lives seamlessly.
Our team will spend time with you to ensure the TouchPoint Auditor is set up according to the needs of your facility.
  • Easy set up of auditing templates
  • Choice of YES/NO, 1-5 or N/A answers
  • Rank questions according to risk or importance
  • Ability to add more info to any question including text, pics or video
  • Add insight questions including staff feedback without effecting audit result
More Info
The TouchPoint Auditor has been created to be user-friendly and easy to use. The features of the TouchPoint Auditor enables managers to measure their cleaners remotely.
  • Action items can be added during audit process including pics and text, creating real-time management alerts
  • Ability to N/A a question or an entire section of an audit allowing for more consistent reporting
  • Record ATP results or take pics of UV marks not removed doing cleaning process
  • Audit can be saved part way through and completed later
  • View audit results on screen and email directly to client
30 Day Auditor Trial

We offer Touchpoint Auditor for a 30 day trial period when you attend a Trial and Train Auditor seminar. This seminar is a regular half day event which educates users on how to use the app, set up your site and conduct audits at your facility effectively. You will also have the chance to view and determine a Best Practice System that would suit your facility.

You can choose to either loan a device to take back to your site or bring your own.


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60 Day Accelerated Trial

Accelerated Best Practice 60 Day Trial

We offer a 60 day accelerated trial program where our team will work with you to assess your needs and offer a complete training program that includes, Touchpoint Auditor, a best practise system, training and support.

This is a fantastic way to trial a full Best Practice system at your facility and be able to audit the results with Touchpoint Auditor.

At the end of the trial period, our specialist will analyse the return on investment that you achieved.

Contact us to enquire more about the accelerated trial