Let our team assess your cleaning needs for your whole facility

“We understand that 50% of your problem is choosing which equipment to use and the other 50% is finding the money to purchase it. We have tried to solve 100% of your challenges with this solution. The IMS system has been designed specifically to keep a healthcare facility clean, with a focus on all areas being cleaned on a daily basis.  It is achievable with our innovative complete Microfibre Trolley system!”, Bill Bassett, MD Interclean Pty Ltd.

Your trolley will be setup to hold separate ready-to use correctly moistened microfibre for each area on your cleaners run sheet. Chemicals will be stored in a locked area and used microfibre and rubbish will not come into contact with clean microfibre or consumables.

  • Each system is built to reduce cross-contamination
  • Reaching and bending tasks are minimised
  • Tasks are cleaned in a specific sequence further reducing cross-contamination

Our microfibre system will allow your staff to clean every area with a clean, properly moistened microfibre cloth or mop allowing for maximum removal of dirt and germs from your surfaces. This process when scheduled correctly allows us to save lives by reducing healthcare acquired infections.

Setup by experienced healthcare cleaning managers:

  • We will workload your facility based on our best practice frequencies
  • During a site visit schedules and tasks can be updated based on individual facility needs
  • Cleaning instructions including pics and videos can be built behind each task