To further help you, we have put together a list of most frequently asked questions.

Is IMS just another cleaning contractor company?

No!  We are not a cleaning contractor.  We support facilities with an innovative system, for managing their cleaning staff at an operational level.  Our products and services include an auditing app to ensure staff compliance, the right products and ongoing training and re-education where required and lastly, the MyClean 360 app to close and validate your cleaning program.

The IMS system has been created from understanding facilities needs for high-quality products and services without large initial capital expenditure.

Can I request a presentation of the IMS system for my CEO?

Yes. As the IMS system will challenge the way you currently manage your cleaning services, all key stakeholders must understand the journey.  Talk to your IMS team member about setting up a meeting to present to your executive teams.

Can I use IMS if I already have a supply contract in place with another company?

Unfortunately, not everything is created equally.  We have built the IMS system around quality products and we cannot guarantee the success of similar, sometimes cheaper, products.  The IMS package supports only the IMS system.

What is the commitment expectations from my team to ensure success of the IMS System?

As with any new system, bringing long-term change takes a commitment from your team to fully engage in the program. We understand change takes time, which is why we are here to help at any stage along your journey. The results from your initial trial will excite and motivate your team.

Why do we need your training if we do our own in-house training?

IMS offers support in an area that can often be left behind.  Cleaning is the front line of defence in any healthcare environment. We understand the ground roots managers and supervisors are often run off their feet with the day to day activities; a stick needle injury, on the phone trying to find staff to cover the next shift, reporting upline, meetings to attend, etc.

With the IMS training program, we can supplement your in-house training with diarised quarterly visits and lighten an already busy load. In addition, our trainers are impartial industry experts, who make the cleaner feel comfortable and open to re-training.

How will my staff be trained?

Your staff will be trained by an IMS qualified trainer.  Training takes place on a per system basis – 1 cleaner per IMS system in your facility.  Training takes place on-site as one on one, hands-on training sessions.

What happens if I have staff changeover and I need re-training?

No problem.  Retraining can be organised at a small additional cost.

Can I receive specialised training for non english speaking employees?

We have successfully trained many non-English speaking cleaners over the years and have developed visual aids in the form of instructional training videos that are available to all your cleaners within our Apps.

How long will it be before we see savings in our labour costs?

Over the first three months you will start to see a gradual increase in cleaning efficiencies. Three months is when you start to see the cleaners finishing their daily tasks the day earlier.  This is a time to re examine their duty statements and bring forward periodical cleaning projects, or allow the staff to take more time and do thorough cleans as they are not as rushed.

What’s included in my basic trolley set up?

After the initial site analysis, a proposal will be presented for the correct system to suit your individual facility requirements.  There will be enough product on the trolley for the cleaner to be fully stocked for their daily tasks.  This reduces wasted time going backwards and forwards to the cleaners room simply because they forgot something. There is enough microfibre for a set in use, a set in the wash and 1/2 a set spare.

Is technical support given for the iClean and Continuous Improvement Apps?

Yes! After the initial training, ongoing technical support is provided to one key contact within each organisation, or for each site.

How long does it take to setup iClean?

We provide an initial setup and training session for the iClean app.  A checklist of required information will be given to you, and provided all information can be submitted prior to the training session, we can typically be up and running within a week.

What is a Best Practice System?

What we call a Best Practice System, includes a smart lightweight, easy to manoeuvre trolley with the correct products for your facility such as microfiber clothes, buckets, mops, high & low duster, laundry bags. Your IMS team member will assist you to identify the best set up for your facility.

Do you guarantee your products for the entire rental term?

Yes. The Interclean system has been a leader in the marketplace for well over 10 years.  It is with this experience and knowledge that our products have proven their value in the marketplace and we have no hesitation in guaranteeing them for the entire rental term.

How long does it take to set the IMS system up in my facility?

For a full system setup, and depending on the size of your site, we recommend you allow 2-4 weeks after your trial before the IMS system is working smoothly in your facility.

Can we increase the amount of IMS systems in our facility after the rental term has begun?

Yes. At anytime, additional systems can be implemented after the rental has begun.

Can we see the system in place at other facilities before we commit?

Yes.  We can arrange to take you out to see the system in use at one of our implemented sites. Just ask your IMS team member.

How can I upgrade to a Cytotoxic or Infectious cleaning trolley system?

Every facility is different and has it’s own unique set of needs, which is why we have made available our Cytotoxic system and our Infectious Control system.  Talk to your IMS team member about upgrading to either of these systems.

I already have the Interclean system. Can I just get the training and re education program?

Yes.  We are happy to train and re-educate your staff if you are an existing customer.

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